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Related article: Date : Wed, August 3, 2005 March 38th EDT 25 From: Wyzman34 aol. com Case No : Brother 2 Brother Chapter 14 2 Brother Brother -n By Michael Martell CHAPTER 14 : Sean and Shane n When the plane landed at the airport I was still thinking I have my recent days in New Orleans and especially what happened between me Vincent, the last night. I still could not believe he had said that I have loved. Of course there were other things that happen with Vincent and I. That night, I faced Wolfendale and showed the way feel with all the fury and passion in his eyes. That scared me and excited n and reminded me both of Victor. At that moment I realized that s how I felt about everything that Vincent had to do with my loss of Victor and what he could and he was sure the same goes for Vincent. Victor loved that he could not bear this loss and wanted n be near him again and what better way to approach it took to of manwhich is close to him. Similarity Vicente Victor was so strange that there were times I thought it was Victor but it was not. It was Vincent, and I could not know him to be involved that every time I saw him I was thinking about Victor. I do not know Vincent felt that if I stayed, but also the fact that s time for me to close the door of my life of Victor, but it s my love, what we had. It also meant that, to some extent, my relationship has to Momma V come to an end. I could not replace Victor n and I felt that what she wanted more than anything, was others. She wanted her son, and if he could have her baby, then have n to her lover. the day I left New Orleans was a tough day. Mom called something fierce V s I said you can not leave and that I miss her very much. I also miss her, but I promised I would write and visit over again. I would write in it, but re-visit, I had no idea. accused me of a lot of food and told me that if I ever needed to is called. I promised I would. Then I was presented with a photo album n on each side and there was always a picture of Victor as a baby s, a child, adolescent and adult. When I saw all pages containing is an image of the man who loved the tears in my eyes were burning. That was too much. I trying to flip the disc, but Momma V insisted that I won it. I did not want to fight anymore. Then another bomb fell on me. " I know what's between you and Vincent. " He said. " Ma'am? " I gasped in surprise. " I know that Vincent was and he told you twenties... " " Momma V," I interrupted, "I never wanted of something happening between Vincent and I never wanted it Pthc Lolita to be disrespectful violated memory of Victor. " V mom smiled and took my hands. " You do not have as thing. Baby, I know it's a difficult time for you. It was hard for us all, but it's hard for youthat. It is time for us all to live again. I s clear that it is time we did too. " " I know, Mom V. ' S "I'll be there for you whenever you need me, but I I do not need me. " " Momma V, I will miss so much. " I gave a hug and a hugged her tight. I just hugged. We talked a little after both try to show to allow time for Vincent. Seeing that I n took the taxi from the airport. My thoughts were in V a mom, house n Sean and Vincent. I wish I could have seen it again, I wants to leave New Orleans with the bad blood between us. But when I was aboard the plane knew what he wanted to leave things between Vincent I, and that was a shame. I barely slept over the plane off and woke up as it descends back to the ground below. I continued to believe Vincent and how it is to the left and among us that all might have ended differently. as I wasThe plane , I went and looked at my twin brother, who was good to be home I really misses her and my brother. I saw when the plane landed the plane that was to my brother home. It felt like I disappeared for centuries. When I saw the plane that s thoughts about what happened to me. I had to get a new job : No, I was very disappointed by the chip Stevenson accepted and Ryan, all of which have made the offer of Ver- Tech meet that I really wanted, but decided it was Ver- Tech, where I wanted to. It was very hard, with a job for so long, but I had the opportunity to , progress and the money was too good to turn down. I I miss my old colleague, Chip and Ryan. I was excited about my knew that occasion when Ver -Tech. The next thing that was in my mind the most presses, Matthew. Spoken since that night that had fallen on us, but not seen much of each other. We went to a couple of days, but every time stuffwas romantic or sexual, that is filled with anxiety and fear n and entered on one end. I know Matthew understood what I wanted to by, but I have the impression that his patience was wearing thin. a honest with myself, my patience was wearing thin. I wanted to be Matthew bad, but every time I touch or go near me, place, hear, smell, feel the silk and memories of Mitchell the violation clearly that play on my the head. He could not move, no matter s what I wanted or liked. I knew one thing and that he had to get This quick and easy. My thoughts were pushed into the background, as I saw my his brother from the aircraft to the terminal. I went to meet him. I missed him and now he needed, he was at home... past. If there's one thing Sean Jackson is well cooked. My twin brother s brother could be a meal, Mahatma Gandhi forget his fast n and eat until your stomach stuck. On the ride hoSean kept me at the airport in the store and bought all the elements needed to dinner. Once we got home I went to bed, I get the jet lag, and Sean was a kitchen. I woke to the smell of hot cornbread, turnip greens, barbecue chicken and ribs. I took a shower, and came up. Sean had placed from the table and was ready to serve. We ate and talked about everything that collapsed long ago. When I talked about his new job with Ver- Tech and the salary to be what blew my mind. I s brother is a computer guru and the people of Ver- Tech had made a excellent choice. He also knew that my brother was missing something , and had to pull teeth to get it. Well, I'm no dentist. " What Sean has happened? " I asked nibble on another piece of rib on the grill. Sean was biting his thigh bone chicken grill, " there is not much really. " I shook my head : " So I've been so long forgotten past, that I canto see if something is wrong with you? " " Shane, it's not really... " " If it bothers you, then it is bothering me. Now I say what is going on? " Sean has formed in silence, with tears in his eyes when he told me the details of what was going on between him and Matthew. As he spoke I heard and I felt his pain and suffering and sadness. rape was not on your system and I felt it would be something that could be n to go with him for some time. continued, as he spoke feel and want me to be free to return love it. free live without thinking silk n remember about Mitchell and what he had done with him. I got from the table and took Sean with me and we went to the quiet life room n there and then I knelt with my twin brother and prayed. I prayed that end all the pain and suffering they went through that. I prayed that the power of this terrible experience had see had given n. prayed, prayed, prayed, that asWe never prayed before. We prayed long and hard. Tears down our cheeks, and prayed. The knees and back hurt, and continued praying. We pray to our throats were dry, and will continue until they are exhausted and, finally, fun. We went to bed after saying goodnight. I do not know about my brother s, but I went to bed, it is much better than after my return home. When I get in bed with eyes closed, I can not think of sleep as my mind went to Matthew. His face appeared to me with her beautiful smile. I I heard his voice spoke to me and calms me. I could smell her smell, her favorite perfume, her favorite TV show, his natural musk scent. I felt like he touched me, held my hand. How I got my eyes burning tears when I realized I loved him and wanted to be with n him. The only thing of me that Mitchell was not silk, I had no control over my life. That was me. When Shane and I praying in the living room a bit cloves me, a voice so clear I thought I , there was someone in the room with us, and maybe someone else n. But the voice said, putting on my way was mine heart, my own fear. Silk what Mitchell had done was wrong and lazy. the voice of s I said, I will open my heart to love, before I receive love. I turned to my side and picked up the phone n before I realized that I was picking up and dial your number. It was after six rings, when I hang up the phone when it was on the phone rang and sexy and very sleepy. " Matthew, I'm sorry I woke you. " I began. " Sean? " Matthew seems half asleep sexy. " Yes.. I'm sorry to call so late. " "What is happening here? " Matthew tone sounded a bit tired and I could not blame him for all the was made between us lately. I took a deep breath. "Matthew, I know what was between us difficult, but something happened tonight and I have to say, something. " " Yes ? " "Matthew... I love you. " is a pause, a long pause and finally spoke. Was" Sean, I Pthc Lolita I love you. "Can not help smiling when he said that. However, Matthew was not finished. " Sean, I love you, but I have to be able to near them. Wait a minute. Kiss you. Making love with you... " " Matthew, now come to make love to me. "He said he is instantly and easily, as if I ask for a glass of water. Matthew was for a long time yet, and I was not sure if I heard it, until he spoke. n " Are you sure? " ' s Matthew Muhammed and I love coming here now. " Matthew hung up and I got out of bed, got into the shower I prepared for your arrival and the first time that is anxious, nervous or anxious. This time Mitchell was not silk, was able to on the road. Nothing in the way. not sleep, the dream that shook so bad that I actually sat down to the bed Pthc Lolita and is expected to to see the foot of my bed, but no one was there, But I was shaking. It came into the living room as a reminder of The dream came back to me. It was as clear as day. Someone touched me the shoulder and I woke up, and when my eyes were opened, Victor was, indeed, Victor standing next to me, but the smile on my face was not accompanied it. He seemed angry. "How can you get with my brother like that," growled Victor. "What? " I gasped. " You are my bitch, why fuck my brother. " " Victor... just happened... we drank and talked about the n and one thing led to another, and we... " " Oh, and I was dead, it was okay for you to get your freak on with my brother! " " Victor did not was at all. " Victor 's eyes were cold, and was terribly hurt and angry. I reached out to touch him, but he removed. "Touch me not," he shouted, "I see what the offer is now. Vincent wanted. They did not want me. She wanted to go with him as he hit it. " " Victor, this is not true. 've never h. up at his funeral. " " And that's the shit that hurts most. She is looking forward to my n brother and I was not even on the floor of shit. You are only a insignificant ho! " Victor 's words touched my heart. I felt the tears burn my eyes s. I just wanted to say something, and that s another voice that echoed in " You are absolutely right is a ho " I turned to see the voice Vicente stayed there. the look on his face that matched both Victor was hard to say, is a part. "Then we find the damn fucked streets looking for mo - fat ", n " You know, that's a damn lie Vicente. " " I know nothing, but what I saw and what I saw, a real ho was in the damn job. " I heard the laughter and it took me a moment to realize that was Victor. I was surprised that he laughs at this. " I'm not a ho! "I declared. " You left, Victor. I had not considered was another man, until the dog. "N " There must have been without " Victor snapped :" It was will turn off oncegone. " I sat down and shook his head over it. " You mean I should stop living stop loving, because he died ? " " Damn straight. You're mine forever and shit eternity. "Victor says. " You should have this shit to remember when you tried to of its groove me, Miss Stella shot! "Again Vicente. fucking had enough. I do not want this shit. take" Aight ! That's it. I'll give you two things right the fuck now. I do not Pthc Lolita know what the hell you think you two, but you have the bad bastard. Victor, I was good at the ass fucking for a variety of years. Through all the shit that you pulled out all the lies and the drug shops and all that. It's about being a big fish and all that. But I was there, for you until you unhealthy and I let you go. But never let you go Victor. When you came into my life, I was ready to go again and I willing to hold long term. If I 'd known you were to the bed I still have been with you. I love you, Victor. I love you with all my ​​heart, and when you're dead, I wanted to die. "That's when I n Vincent. " And you bastard. You 're the one who told me I had n to live. I had to live again and not twisted it sir, you want to happen as I am. The two were lost and we have Victor together, now maybe that was wrong, but it happened and I'm not a is made ​​to feel bad about it, and I 'm not going to stop living, because Victor died. I have to live a life and I am so damn live and if you have a problem with it, then both can go to hell! " Victor and Vincent looked at each other and disappear as. I woke with a start and wrapped my arms around me while tears rolled down my face. She was too real for words. I was in the gateway view, the last time I saw Victor came to pick up to Hell, if I knew it was the day he was adI would say that stayed home with him. It may still be here and I'm so sad to be lonely. I opened the door and stepped onto the porch. It felt good to out, fresh air felt good. The noise of the city was virtually stopped there was not much traffic. It was a quiet night. I went back inside the door open to let in fresh air and fresh crisp. I have a bottle of wine and a glass of the kitchen and drank, and when I drank thoughts s Friends, I'm Vincent, I thought in my life, and wept, until the wine has me in its dream. Damn, I was dreaming again. Someone Pthc Lolita had to give me a kiss. Began in the neck then my ear and then put on my lips. She kissed me lightly, but I realized , who wanted more, so I opened and returned the kiss. What the fuck I was cold and wet was a good sleep I needed. I heard myself moan kissed me back and moaned as I move n it clear a few hands of strong men on my white tank top and playing with my nipples. Complained Ooooh, I did. It was good, very good. I felt his hands move to my the body, followed by kissing down too. I felt his lips meet my thick, and I sighed and groaned. This was the best I ever had wet dream had. That's when I knew something strange about this dream. It was not it feels like a dream. It felt real. I opened my eyes and sleep is not end. I could feel someone sucking my cock and I could see too much, or at least in the top of the head. I looked at the door, I front and opened, was closed. Ahhh damn it! I was molested by a son of a bitch from the streets. I opened my mouth to scream, but was as a sort of low guttural growl. I was swimming tour. The wine, n I had been drinking wine, I was half humming, half asleep and all the way hot. This man of the street was stucking my cock and I said kick ass I leave Suck My Dick and I saw him do what he good. It felt good, but not great. I bent to touch thtop of your head and but he looked at me. There were parts of his face. saw family. Who was he " Hey baby" he said with a smile you could see in the dark : "I I have to wake my sleeping beauty Sorry it took so on. to get to here you ask, but I had to shower and be right for you. " called him? I did not call. What is going to hell. " Sean, I'm so glad you Beac.. " I have not heard after Sean, because that was when I realized who he was and what had happened. Sean had called him. This was Mateo. I opened the door, asleep on the couch. It should be Sean thought it was expecting. Oh Snap! He spoke, and I thinking what to do to get out of this. When I told him it was Shane has n would feel ashamed, embarrassed, even. But what could I do? I had to do something before Sean came through here and see this. I felt the wine bottle on the ground and an idea came to mind. I sat down and put my hands orn my ​​stomach. I told him I had drunk too much wine and to go to the bathroom. I told him again and he, when he offered n to come with me as a slave and heading north was out. What to do? What to do? I saw the light under the door, Sean. God, I tell you what I has happened? Lord, when I called Matthew at this time must have been of something intimate he must have felt to be a it. Oh, damn damn damn! Before I knew, I opened the bedroom door. that looked up and realized that I was expecting from the company. "What are you doing up there? " Sean asked me to. Before I knew it, I told n what Matthew was in the living room. "It's funny, I have not heard the door the ring. " I told him I went to the kitchen to get water, and saw someone walk to the porch. I added that I was frightened and went to check them out and it was Matthew. Sean looked apologetically. " I said," he said. Yes, youmust have, I s thought. Sean got up and went to find Matt. I went to the bad to throw the guts to was quiet until Shane opened the door and said : Pthc Lolita Matthew was here and I 'm nervous again, but I had to ignore it. I was called, to love together and made ​​to do. Silk Mitchell will be condemned. I wanted a life, a love with Matthew. I check my look in the mirror, took a deep breath, and went out. Matthew was sitting on the couch in the dark. What happened there ? It s stood up when I " Are you okay ?" I asked. I could tell he was nervous ? damn damn damn. I did not want me nervous. " Yes, I feel much better. Now, where have you here. " I smiled when he came up to me and hugged me. I realized I was happy to see me. n then resigned. " You are silk pajamas. " smiled. "Yeah, make me feel sexy silk pajamas. " smiled with joy: " Yes, but the shirt and pants looked sexyas well. But I think I can get to see you again. "Matt gave me a kiss before he could ask him what he was talking about. His kiss my body burned, and not n provide more entertainment. I took her hand and led him back to exactly like my room Shane left the bathroom. I looked at this n is odd expression. he has no thought, he sees me so n it. Bring to a man in my room. "Matthew, do you remember my twin brother Shane. Shane is Mateo. " Matthew was a kind of quiet, but nodded. I think that this was not the time reintroductions. Shane said hello and then went to his room and Matthew and I in mine. I turned me n Matthew, who was in my search for s bedroom door. "What is happening? " I said. Had a look uncomfortable to his face. " Your brother... I forgot you... " " living with my brother? It had been so long I forgot. " " when it was new, " said Matthew. " Its late. Are we talking about my brother? " I asked, as w I nENT for him and kissed him. " No, it's just.. I do not think you realize the mind ? " I kissed him again and this time I have everything I had into it. " If he does that I the right thing in the morning. " I kissed him again. I was very, hot amazing. Just one kiss and I felt like the mother went to safe. He started kissing me again and how he did it took my silk pajamas. It s looking at my naked body and smiled as he grabbed me in his arms and took me to the bed. He put me gently. She left the bed slowly began to undress, me n my ​​private strip show. Matthew was a stripper and a porn star 's body is thick. He got into the bed with me and started licking each other, as if there morning. I had waited so long to be with him, and although I felt is a bit more nervous than not left on the road. I turned to top of Matthew and kissed her on a track after her great body. I stopped to suck her nipples, moaning ad intake air. " Ooooh," as the tongue and lips, a sigh, he set to work nipples magnificent drive. Still had time to suck nipples. " You like that, son? " Pthc Lolita She whispered softly. " Yes.. please stop... " I had no intention of stopping. I sucked, licked and nibbles nipples and Matthew complained about what stronger than I knew Shane woke up when he was not still alive and. I managed to get your body is large six -pack until n face to cock with her thick chocolate cock. I gasped and could not believe what I did. I I could not believe I'm finally back with Matthew. Finally we take things to the next level. I rubbed his hard cock in my face n as it was a magic wand to make things right and I like Matthew walked from his Pthc Lolita mind. " Damn baby, damn it. What are you doing? " The answer came when I opened my mouth and swallowed his cock. I gagged a little, but I moved back and did it again and this time is no longer the gag reflex. I cOuld listen bone toes curled while Matthew cracks. I did my best, deep throat action, while tickled balls. He hit the bed, palms hands. " Oh Shit! OH BABY! SUCKS Dick Suck! " Her wish was my command. I went to his cock until he could feel in the back of my throat. " This is the shit... Oh shit... Sean! Oooh Yeah! Yeah! " When I sucked his cock, I Pthc Lolita was doing my best, not the my drive. I wanted to know if I that would break a mother covering the bed, and I was not prepared for n Matthew know that I feel inside me. I wanted love, a me. I stopped sucking long enough to get a magnum condom the nightstand dick. He gave me his beautiful cock and it remains difficult to suck, before covered with a condom. Then apply lubricant on his cock and covered with my ​​ass, which had not invaded because... and be there. I kissed Matthew and We have exchanged positions. He kissed me all over before it between my legs and fingering my ass lubricated. It was tight and hurt and cry of pain that was inadvertently let out and allowed to stop. " Are you okay? Did I hurt you? " " No, I'm fine... it's so long. " I replied. " You know, they did not. I mean a... " " Matt, love me, please. " N Matthew put tip of his thick cock and arched back while I tried to rest , but it was hard. He was in no hurry, let it remain in the upper Park until it was ready for more. Inch by inch, he put his cock whore on me until all my legs and wrapped myself around him as the ride began. Perhaps I should eat the ass that I could relax n but I was cold, damn relax. Matthew is working his cock in and out slowly at first. I did not want to hurt me, but soon the pressure and passion built into it, and he was thrusting like there's no morning. " Yes, yes, fuck me daddy, fuck me. Who is the ass? Who to s? " " This is my ass! This is my ass! " Matthew I replied, as hepushed to deepening. The force was so strong that my head was called in the wall, but that did not matter how much noise we made. "Fuck that ass... to fuck hard... hard... hard! " Matthew turned my body so that we were in the doggy position and he \\ \\ n not to resign. In bed he fucked me doggie. I s body was relaxed and opened my ass while driving on the hard disk. I bit the screaming into the pillow to have pleasure. He was incredibly good. Matthew could dance and rock my ass did. My hand was wrapped around my own cock as I push and hold of my cock. I wanted us to of the mother at the same time. I wanted to finish together. I tried to keep a with him. " Oooh... ahhh... ahhh... OOOh work, work baby... ass, I do... cum... make me cum. " Sang Matthew. " Yes, fuck me... fuck me... ooooh... Mattheeeeew fuck me !" Groaned as my ass got to his cock. I pushed against his punches, n felt good. Iwanted out of my head. I was drenched in sweat Matthew all on the back. He was grabbing my ass and beat him from time to time. I could hear his grunts and groans. It was near Cumming. I gave my support ass up, with all that thick. His thrusts were more determined and n. He tried to leave it. He tried to reach. I was close to me. I some more combinations and I, it can be. " Ahhhh... baby baby... I'm struggling here," said Matthew. " Me too... I can not stop... Do not stop.. " " Yeah.. yeah... oooh... ooooh there......... I 'm bout fight to... I'm gonnaaaaaaah ! "broke Matthew and runs so hot in the condom I spit my own cock, to feel life and invite all the shooters in the n and bedding. We were both screaming at our step as we nutted n virtually collapsed. Matthew kissed my lips, because of the hand. " It was hot," said Matthew. He looked worried. "What do you feel? " I looked into the handsome face, sweaty, his hundreds everywhere n and smiled as I replied. "I am honored. " We got up and moved quickly into bed, change the sheets Pthc Lolita and crawled the naked back in bed. We slept in and stroking, as we kissed continually said the two which in our minds and our hearts. "I love Sean" " I love you Matthew" We soon asleep. When we woke in the morning I was in all are two and the highest score. went to the bathroom and cleaned myself. All these sounds sexy Sean room because I was furious and Matthew s suck my cock it was hot as hell. So maybe I was mean Pthc Lolita to jack s love my brother, his son, but I could not help me and when I, n immediately felt guilty. Matthew knew that he realized his mistake, when we are in room, why come to me when I did. Matthew I s not a thing I've ever met. As I cleaned I have a vote that Sean do not know and I would never speakof them to Matthew. E n accept but one thing. Matthew knew how to suck a dick, that's for sure. This story will continue. You can send an e- mail the author at wyzman34 aol. com or speak with him to wyzman_wryter Yahoo Instant Messenger.
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